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How 1School ERP Software Improves Student Results?


1School ERP Software

Ultimate goal of an educational institution is providing the right platform where students will be able to excel and reach closer to their career goals. It is a care and process, which decides how these students take up the essential techniques at the tender age and uses it in a right way. As educational sector is evolving every moment, there is plenty of technological intervene making a vast difference? The student management system or software is a package of these different techniques. Performance will be enhanced by using the right tool and implementing this on the large scale is very important. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the school and parents that make this possible for students to acquire and achieve maximum grades.

How Can 1School Deploy ERP Software and Improve Student Results?

Parents and students expect a lot from the schools. Today, parents not just expect good grades but want their kids to have an all-round development too. Digital age wants digital means & smart use of this technology to improve student performance and make them an all-rounder! It is important for the school to choose the 1school ERP software which can improve student overall progress.

Question is — how will schools or educational institutes manage technology to improve student outcomes?

School ERP software uses workflow based processes that in turn streamlines daily operations and activities done in the school that will be easily leveraged for enhancing the student outcomes. This new technology provides the organized and productive environment for the students to participate in different activities and makes processes simple and trouble-free.

Who Can Benefit From the 1School ERP Software & How?

It’s very important to know how and why school ERP software can benefit every stakeholder in an educational ecosystem. Here we are going to explore such stakeholders & specific institutional problems that can be resolved by using the 1school ERP software:

Students will benefit greatly from the school ERP software because they will get to learn at an ideal learning environment — and one that is predictable, well-organized and consistent. The well-structured & highly organized environment will be essential to simplify learning for the student, and school ERP software system makes achieving such type of environment simple. If you are looking for the best ERP software, then CHAMPA offers you the best school management system & Mobile App that will help school to enhance their reputation and help students to improve their results.

Here are some ways where schools may deploy technology for driving pupil progress -

Dashboard Reports

The teachers spend plenty of time to devise new methods and ways to increase their student engagement in the classroom. However, the results aren’t worth any time consumed. It happens mainly because of lack of the organized data & crucial information. Campus management system if integrated with the dashboard analytics will help teachers to find finding the main areas of concern. Dashboard analytics produce different reports about the individual students and class collectively. The comprehensive reports have got everything from the student grades to the classroom activities and more. Furthermore, these reports are in the statistical format that means data will be reflected in the form of pie charts, graphs and tables. As students are visually oriented, such reports are very simple to grasp & analyze. Teachers may use such reports to analyze their students quickly. They will find out their strengths and weaknesses easily and can work hard on that. With problem areas identified, the teachers will be able to work with the students and improve their overall; performance. Teachers will check with these reports if their revised methods are working for the students or not.

Communication Facilities (E-mail, Voice Messaging, Chats)

To a high extent, student success generally depends on the effectiveness of their communication among parents, teachers, and schools. The school management systems actually have the Parent portal that can facilitate the communication process just by sending out text, emails, and voice messages to the predefined set of the parents and the whole school. Thus, reducing the time to be invested by school administrators to make phone calls and leaving messages to the parents. One more small and important feature of the highly effective school ERP software is a facility of using templates that will be saved for communicating important days such as annual day, teachers’ day, cultural day, and more.

Online Assignments and Assessments

Whereas term examinations are relevant, it’s of great help to the students and teachers to test or learn knowledge that every student has acquired in the process. The online assignments and assessments are thus very important. The teachers will be able to provide individual assessments to every student looking at the level of knowledge whenever required. The rubric-based assessments are used by the teachers only for these purposes. Thus, it is an important feature for the school software to have.


With such module, classroom homework assignments will become easily available to students 24 hours a day. This includes the date when this was assigned or when it must be submitted. Besides these, teachers will modify the homework assignments & projects as per their requirements. It helps authorities to make accurate & well-informed decisions. One more benefit of such reports is authorities will be able to analyze them to ensure that the teachers are educating their students to best of their capabilities. The authorities can suggest any changes in their teaching techniques to improve their student outcomes.

Are Student Progress Affected by School ERP Software?

Thanks to how ERP software benefits both the students and the parents, but student results are a thing where schools may start seeing the real difference. Whenever students are setup for success through provision of the efficiently run school, this creates a learning environment, which enables them to thrive. The best school management system has the noticeable effect on the student results –that in turn will get tracked very efficiently by using the same school ERP software, resulting in the system of learning, which has kids performing their best.

How Parents Can Help Students To Achieve Success?

Any parent can tell you that the impactful stakeholder in child learning is their parent. So, making them an important part of the student’s learning program is important to achieving great success & nothing ensures the seamless cooperation between the parent and school like the school ERP software does. Parents can stay engaged with the teachers and students on an ongoing basis all thanks to these tools that were made for them in the school ERP system — right from detailed communication with the teachers to tracking of the student’s transport to & from school, the school ERP system will be parent’s choice companion while it comes about educational success for the child.

How Can Teaching Get Affected by the School ERP System?

Thanks to its lesser burden on teacher because of implementation of the best school management system, teachers now can focus on the important part of the job — teaching. School ERP software makes teaching quite modern and teachers can be personalized in the teaching with school ERP software allowing continuous learning, and multimedia materials can also be shared in the ERP system and more.

Is Quality of Course Affected by School ERP System?

Finishing the course has not been very simple for the students or efficient for the teachers –school ERP software is the course management system by itself, and handling everything right from the course scheduling to sharing course requirements, and materials, timetables, sending out the course alerts as well as sharing learning statistics in class, course or batch levels.

The best school ERP software from CHAMPA makes it simple to engage with its mechanics of taking the course as well as successfully adhering to its schedule and completing on time, overall improving course quality and that improves the student results. School ERP software is revolutionizing the experience of taking learning and courses.

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