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CCTV All in One Monitoring Solutions Provide by Certified Expert Team

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The Service Level Agreement (SLA) standard determines the quality of service. System design, installation services, and maintenance (MA) services, advice and problem solving services. We provide services by a professional team with over 20 years of experience.

Why Champa Services?

           Champa Enterprise is an importer, distributor with tailored design, installation and maintenance service, both Security & Safety System, Access Control, & Alarm System, Network & Media Converter, Safety & Care, as well as a full range of accessories and peripherals by appointment. As an importer And distributed from world-class product owners Directly from European countries, Korea, China and Taiwan.


Ready for Products & Solutions

  • Quality products and various forms (Solutions) in all systems. For customers to choose to use As appropriate and in accordance with the needs.

  • Every solution we offer takes into account the benefits. Value and convenience that customers will receive

  • The company has a wide variety of products and enough to serve customers before. And after sales

  • The company is a direct importer. There is proximity and access to new technologies. Directly from the manufacturer, making it easier and faster for customers to know and access new technology.

Ready to service

  • The company has a team of experienced engineers to give advice. Design systems in different ways To comply and suit the needs of customers

  • The company has an installation team and Onsite Service to our customers who are our team directly.

  • The company has spare equipment and spare parts. That is enough for servicing, fixing, or backup equipment used. To customers both before and after the sale

  • The company has a service standard of Service Level Agreement (SLA) for customers to choose from at various levels.

Experience ready

  • The company has a team with the knowledge and experience in service for more than 15 years.

  • The company is trusted to serve both government agencies and many national leading private companies, including small, medium, large.

  • The company has experience in installing and servicing CCTV systems in projects ranging from 4 cameras to 300/500/700 and some projects that have installed more than 2,000 cameras.

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