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The Most Comprehensive Integrated Data Center Solutions Available Today

Our products and solutions are found in the most demanding data centers in the region. From the hidden danger of loud fire suppression discharges to the sustainable solution of free cooling, our portfolio of integrated solutions helps minimize costs, maximize efficiency, and optimize timing when speed matters.

In mission-critical environments, we know that reliable products and responsive service are everything.  We know it isn’t an option for your equipment to perform below expectations or for your security to be anything short of cutting edge. For data centers, your building is your product. We recognize this and take your mission seriously.


Building With Speed and Standardization

The sooner you can build your data center, the sooner you can begin earning revenue. That’s why we work with you to design a standardized process, in-flight equipment testing, and on-site support. If getting your data center off the ground and into operation is your top priority and mission, we can help make that happen with our speed and deep experience.

Data Center Solutions to Meet All Your Needs

We know what it takes to build successful data centersand successful partnerships. In mission-critical environments, reliable products and responsive services are everything. That's why Champa Enterprise solutions can be found in the most demanding data centers in the region.

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