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Champa IT Internship




Champa IT Internship Program is seeking dedicated, hardworking IT and Management students as interns, as reporters and desk editors. As Observer intern, there are wide variety of opportunities that will hone your abilities in whatever field you are interested in.

There are also a wide variety of paid internship opportunities at Champa Enterprise for diligent, resourceful and enthusiastic candidates.

Internship Fields: Internships are open at the IT Sales, Traditional & Digital Marketing, After Sales Services, Management Support, Stock Management, Corporate Culture,  and Accounts.

Champa is closed on Sundays.

In order to be considered for the Kashmir Observer Internship program, candidates must formally apply online at: 

For further questions please email our Champa IT Internship Program Manager, Ms.Neej at:


Internships are a pivotal moment in everyone’s life. They are often your first encounter with a professional environment, where you come across the pressure of deadlines, meetings and interactions with different people from diverse backgrounds. You must choose carefully; this will not define the rest of your professional career, but it is an excellent jumpstart to it.

Even the great Steve Jobs was an intern at the beginning – he did a summer internship with Hewlett-Packard and met his co-founding Apple partner Steve Wozniak there. Not bad, right?

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