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Server Upgradation and Migration Service


Server Solutions Upgrade & Migration

          Keeping your server infrastructure updated on a regular schedule, improves performance, productivity, management efficiency and reliability. Businesses can save a lot of money capital and operating costs annually. When a Network Server goes down, you are not only losing money due to down time, but also all the work and time that has to be done once the server is back up and running.

Business owners or IT managers must consider new technology solutions to help address the demands of their customers and seek to achieve improved IT management capabilities, automated and preventive support solutions.

Server Consultancy can help you find out if you require an on-premises server upgrade or you are better off moving to cloud.

End of Life Cycle

          Everything has a life cycle and will reach its end of life eventually. the life cycle of most IT infrastructure is much shorter than years ago. Servers are no exception- although server infrastructure replacement is suggested every 3 -5 years, and may have to be done more frequently depending on your business growth and demands, servers are the critical part of your business network. It is the Brains of your business, don’t risk it. Server performance declines over time as costs increase


Why Upgrade Your Server Infrastructure?


        You should consider upgrade, update, or migrate your Server infrastructure if:

  • Your Server infrastructure is End of life or Your Server warrant is about to expire or expired.

  • You exhausted Server resources by installing the latest and resource consuming applications which results in your Server keeps trashing the memory dump. Your server is not compatible with new operating systems.

  • You run out of space or hard drives are started to make noise.

  • Your business productivity is limited due to IT resources.

  • Provide end of support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2

Although your IT infrastructure & Servers may be working with no trouble and requires little Server support & maintenance right now, are you just waiting for the moment?

Upgrades and migrations for Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange Server or Microsoft SQL Servers can seem like a complex and difficult process. However, in most cases a server upgrade and migration are able to follow a standard process. Your customized requirement of the SQL Server or Exchange Server likely to cause problems or require additional planning and effort.

Server Consultancy offers a wide range of IT infrastructure upgrade services which include upgrading Servers, Network Switches, Firewall, SAN, NAS or any other IT hardware or software. We are partnered with most vendors and able to source the genuine products and services on demand.

Cloud Backup & Recovery


Backup & recovery are the process of backing up your data in case of a data corruption, deletion or any other loss and setting up recovery systems that allow that data recovery due to any kind of data loss. Backing up data requires copying and archiving computer data on regular basis, so that it is easily accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. Data from an earlier time can only be recovered if it has been backed up earlier.   

You need to backup up your files, applications, databases, endpoints and Virtual machines with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery points. Optimize storage with reduplication and hardware snapshots. Recover your lost data quickly and easily on demand, and leverage reports to continually improve your backup and recovery processes. 

Don’t wait until data loss threat is real 

Data security threats and malware attack on Windows PCs, Macs, and Android and iOS devices. If you use more than one device like most of us than you need to protect all your devices. Data security is no longer dependent on one machine any more, you need a data security which protect all your devices from a data loss. 

Protect your data from ransomware using Azure 

Protect your data from ransomware attack with a full backup which is protected by two factor authentications, create email or SMS notification for suspicious backup activity and unauthorized deletions. Ransomware encrypt anything connected to PC infected including mapped drive so make sure your data is backed. Get rid of the need for tape or an offsite backup with online Backup. Get long-term retention, and restore the files, folders and individual VMs you need – in Azure or on-premises – at no additional cost 

How Can Server Consultancy help with Backup & Recovery? 

Champa Enterprise have knowledge and experience of implementing large amount of backup & recovery solutions across various industry. We have successfully recovered entire servers and data to last recovery point from a ransomware attack and help our customers on daily basis to recover files deleted by mistake. Contact us today to discuss your backup & recovery needs to enable your business recover data in case of a disaster.  


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