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Optimized for Every Room Size


Combine In & Join with the hardware that best fits your need, IQ makes it easier than ever to have meetings in every room.


The Auditorium

(For large conference room with projector)

Projection screen for display and IQ Podium for operation to realize Large and small screen interaction. It helps professionals, trainers, and presenters communicate more effectively.


The Studio

(For ideal room size: 20m² – 30m² · 10 - 15 seats)

IQConference PTZ Camera, IQConference Microphone and IQSound brings you Full HD image and 360°pick-up sounds. Let you feel your partner is in front of you during the video conference.


The Ideation Hub

(For ideal room size: 15m² – 20m² · 8 seats)

All in one to satisfy your conference needs. IQTouch with HD video camera and microphone array technique to extract voice input. It is very easy to fit your needs.

The Vibe

(For conference room with projector)

Wireless projection system increase audience engagement and collaboration with effective, interactive presentations. And keep meetings organized and easily communicate outcomes.

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